Travel Business Case Study

Case example:
The number of participants is first class with a total of 40 routes to Bali 3hari 2Nights

Then that should be done.
45 x the price of the Tour: 40 = selling price to the school

Low why 45 people??

Here we will play Indonesian bureaucracy that all-round money.
5 people earlier is 1 person for you as a tour leader, 4 person is Free Negotiation and get the benefit.

at the first entry we have to offer a free 2 for teacher assistant. Her later after explaining you should pintar2 flirted with the people you just mentioned, where you love him iming2 free one for him in the form of cash or according to the tour price. then the remaining 1 free that you provide. because this is not dikasihkan to jaga2 tiba2 later when approached said there Traveling the other deal that comes into the school then 1 slot free this your ultimate weapon to woo them again so that they continue to use your services.